YWAM Solomons Support

YWAM Solomons Support was founded 16th of February 2021 as a response to economic needs related to the Sailing Vision.

The leader of the charity, Eivind Andås, has been working with YWAM Solomons for a year in total since 2017. He is going back as soon as the country opens up after the pandemic. Meanwhile he wishes to support the organization on the Solomon Islands economically towards the new sailing vision.

We are registered as a Norwegian association with the organizational number 926 669 583.

The Solomon Islands has over 670,000 inhabitants and is ranked as one of the poorest countries in Oceania and East Asia.

The country consists of over 990 islands, whereas 347 are inhabited, which creates huge logistical challenges. The Solomon Islands is a part of Melanesia and has over 70 living languages.

It has been a British colony previously, and the missionaries were instrumental in opening the country to the west and to each other. Most people will characterize themselves as Christians today, and the church is an integral part of society.

YWAM Solomons is a Christian inter-denominational organization with a focus on personal growth and practical tools for the progress of the nation towards a sustainable future.

YWAM Solomons has become a recognized community development organization since 2016. They have developed their own water well drilling technique and expanded to be able to deliver village scale infrastructure. They also focus heavily on solar and biogas technologies.

One of the reasons to the organizations success is that we work closely with the Church in all the villages. Since we are inter-denominational we can work with any village, and since we are a volunteer organization we are able to involve the locals more easily, which leads to increased ownership in the community.


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